Iron Lamb - The Original Sin (CD)

Iron Lamb - The Original Sin (CD)

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Swedish reckless rockers IRON LAMB unleashes a barrage of smoldering, easily digestible and boisterous rock 'n roll with heavy doses of punk rebellion flavour on the debut full-length The Original Sin. Featuring veterans from the evergreen Swedish extreme metal community such as Johan Wallin (GENERAL SURGERY, ex-REPUGNANT, etc), Thomas Daun (DISMEMBER, ex-INSISION, etc), Daniel Ekeroth (ex-DELLAMORTE, author of Swedish Death Metal book) and Grga Lindstrom (GHOST, ex-REPUGNANT); these bunch of discordant gentlemen have proven themselves to pave the way for a whole new generation of those whom firmly grasp and educate the true meaning of what punk 'n roll means to be antagonistic!


Track listing

  1. Rotten Wood
  2. The Original Sin
  3. Dubious Preacher
  4. Our Demise
  5. Poison
  6. Suicide!
  7. I Don't Wanna Be Like You
  8. I Don't Like You
  9. Iron Lamb
  10. Dead Inside


Iron Lamb's speedy, attitude-laden "The Original Sin" is a ticket to hard-rock heaven for punks and headbangers alike. If Lemmy is, in fact, God, then these guys are among his better angels. - 4/5