Iron Slaught - Crusading Metal Mercenaries (CD)

Iron Slaught - Crusading Metal Mercenaries (CD)

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Intense heavy / speed metal coming from the inmost depths of Bigorra. Impossible to escape from these battle hymns forged in the purest metal. With fury and passion, IRON SLAUGHT gets ready to mercilessly crush all the traitors to the hard metal cause. This first album is a worship to the ancestral heroes, from IRON MAIDEN to RUNNING WILD, or even from SLAYER to DESTRUCTION. With members of BY THE SWORD, HANTAOMA, EVITERNITY.


Track listing

  1. Battle Ready
  2. Inquisition
  3. Night of the Witch
  4. Straight to Hell
  5. Demonic Possession
  6. High Grade Metal