Isengard - Varjevndogn (CD) Isengard - Varjevndogn (CD)

Isengard - Varjevndogn (CD)

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Vårjevndøgn is a monumental journey of epic heavy metal mixed with a often more sombre doomy rock/metal atmosphere bringing to mind bands like US heavy metal veterans PENTAGRAM, & also includes 2 tracks previously only heard on the limited Traditional Doom Cult 7" 2017.
Everything on Vårjevndøgn was performed and engineered by Fenriz himself. The tracks were all recorded between 1989 & 1993 using the infamous Necrohell Studios, notable for recording DARKTHRONE's classic Transilvanian Hunger & Panzerfaust albums.
>The booklet includes liner notes from Fenriz explaining the origins of the release, the recording process, & some background into his influences at the time.


Track listing

  1. Cult Metal
  2. Dragon Fly (Proceed upon the Journey)
  3. Floating with the Ancient Tide
  4. The Fright
  5. A Shape in the Dark
  6. Slash at the Sun
  7. Rockemillion
  8. The Light
  9. The Solar Winds Mantra