Isengard - Vinterskugge (CD)

Isengard - Vinterskugge (CD)

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Fenriz's cult unholy and folkloric black metal!! The killer debut album.


Track listing

  1. Vinterskugge
  2. Gjennom skogen til blaafjellene
  3. Ut i vannets dyp hvor morket hviler
  4. Dommedagssalme
  5. In the Halls and Chambers of Stardust the Crystallic Heavens Open
  6. Fanden lokker til stupet (nytrad)
  7. Naglfar
  8. Thy Gruesome Death
  9. Deathcult
  10. Rise from Below
  11. Dark Lord of Gorgoroth
  12. Trollwandering (Outro)
  13. The Fog (Early 1991)
  14. Storm of Evil
  15. Bergtrollets gravferd
  16. Our Lord Will Come


This album is the sound of an artist who's not scared to use any form of expression necessary to get the point across. Not only is it easily the most varied album to emerge from Norge, but it's also one of the most consistently brilliant. Eclecticism without compromising quality or artistic integrity - a lesson many of the former black metal bands turned experimental wankers would do well to learn from. - 4/5