Israthoum - Black Poison and Shared Wounds (CD)

Israthoum - Black Poison and Shared Wounds (CD)

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The trio of Arvath, VxInfr and W.uR delivers a devastating blow with this crushing recording! Three years after Monument of Brimstone, ISRATHOUM is back, venomous and corrupt. An attack against all. A rebellious hymn of the possessed. Violently revolting mass of poisonous black hatred... Black metal refined to perfection.


Track listing

  1. Necromancer's Fugue
  2. The Unravelling Traveller
  3. The Presence, the Baying
  4. Burning the Sephiroth
  5. Devil Bacchus
  6. A Birthmark of Unexistence
  7. Procession of Demented
  8. Eradication Psalm


It does nothing new, but the songs are driven forward by tight musicianship, a welcome sense of conviction, and at times an aura of chilling evil. - 4/5