Israthoum - Monument of Brimstone (Gold Edition) (LP)

Israthoum - Monument of Brimstone (Gold Edition) (LP)

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Unholy black metal debut album by the long-established Israthoum!


Track listing

  1. Wearing You
  2. Painters of Uncreation
  3. Christ Null and Void
  4. Soul Funeral
  5. The Slanderer
  6. My Death Grotesque
  7. Fire, Deliverance
  8. ...Through the Voices of the Dead


Israthoum fuses, blends and mixes a deadly brew of many different styles into a poisonous and well-honed weapon of Satanic hate. While not groundbreaking in any sense of the word, Monument of Brimstone is still possessing of an intense energy and an evil aura. Each track glistens with an icy exterior that reflects back only the dark emptiness of the void. - 5/5