Jennie Tebler - Silverwing (Digipak CD)

Jennie Tebler - Silverwing (Digipak CD)

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Here's an interesting mini album CD released a year after Quorthon's death.

Jennie Tebler is Quorthon's sister and former vocalist in LAKE OF TEARS. In the early 2000's Quorthon wrote "Silverwing" with an intention for the two to record a full album. "Silverwing" is the only song they managed to complete.

In 2005 Black Mark decided to release "Silverwing" and Tebler included a tribute song - a cover of "Song to Hall Up High" from Hammerheart.
Hearing the song before it's release in 1990, Tebler knew this song as Fiskmåslåten (The Seagull Song). All the music is taken directly from Quorthon's original Hammerheart recording.


Track listing

  1. Silverwing
  2. Song to Hall Up High (Bathory cover)