Joyless / Dekadent Aesthetix - Split (EP)

Joyless / Dekadent Aesthetix - Split (EP)

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JOYLESS is the misanthropic pop band (influenced by THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE STOOGES, THE DOORS, etc.) that gave room for experimentation to the members of FORGOTTEN WOODS.
After 4 years the JOYLESS ones will return with a new album, better than ever, this time adding instruments like banjo and harmonica.
"Shadow Spree" is rambunctious and cheerful without loosing the bleak, melancholy drained atmosphere we're used to.
This split, among other ones, serves as a teaser of what is to come.

DEKADENT AESTHETIX is a metal band from Romania formed by Emi-on all instruments and Cosmin Viciu-vocals in the winter of 2008.
Having deep roots in black metal, the band constantly incorporates diverse and contradictory musical elements to achieve eccentric sounds that are not supposed to have a special appeal to any music scene.
The music production is totaly minimalist, absolutely independent, and extremely low budget. There is no support from others involved in the production. All the music, concept, sound, production is done exclusively by the band.


Track listing

  1. Joyless - Shadow Spree
  2. Dekadent Aesthetix - Track 0
  3. Dekadent Aesthetix - Shiny Morning