Jungle Rot - Slaughter the Weak / War Zone (2CD)

Jungle Rot - Slaughter the Weak / War Zone (2CD)

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Jungle Rot - American death metal band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, formed in 1992 originally as a side project by Jim Harte and Joe Thomas, members of the Illinois thrash metal act, PRISONER. They acquired Kenosha-based guitarist Dave Matrise (NUM SKULL, NOCTURNAL, FATAL VIOLENCE) in 1993 and in 1994 when Matrise took over the band got serious and started to take off. This 2 CD set includes their second album from 1997 Slaughter the Weak and their 2006 release War Zone marking the first album to feature the now current JUNGLE ROT core of Matrise, Genenz, and Bub.


Track listing

  1. Left For Dead
  2. Gore Bag
  3. Infectious
  4. Demigorgon
  5. Consumed In Darkness
  6. Murder One
  7. Butchering Death
  8. World Of Hate
  9. Deadly Force
  10. Darkness Forever
  11. Victims Of Violence
  12. Cut In Two
  13. Savage Rite
  14. They Gave Their Lives
  15. Strong Shall Survive
  16. Decapitated
  17. Ready For War
  18. Ambushed
  19. Fight For Life
  20. Territoriality
  21. Killing Spree