Kaleidoscope - Issue 12 (Zine)

Kaleidoscope - Issue 12 (Zine)

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New issue of the excellent fanzine created by A. Klemi (Circle of Ouroborus).
Great presentation with this issue, A4 sized with a nice finish and rip n paste layout!

Bands featured:

The first thing that shake my world in Dolentia's Sob a egide das Sombras album was the first track, instrumental called Chamamento: "What? Did I put an Urfaust record to my player?" This opener has that same ritualistic stomp what these demonic Dutchmen use, but this album is about many other things, and more. Raw and ghoulish black metal gets tangled with almost post-rock-influenced guitar wailings, and the whole album reeks of old corpses, old ruins and old memories. "Under the aegis of shadows", says Google Translator when I type the album name to it. Sob a egide das Sombras is a ghastly album, but through this interview I understood that it's not just about ancient ghost stories but more concrete things in Portuguese culture and history.

Quebecois black metal isn't a so rare and unexpected term what you could imagine anymore. Bands like Akitsa and the label Les Productions Heretiques have made their own share that this province in Canada and black metal go well together - and why not, they both are dealing with being an outcast, as Serpenoire of Malefices says in this interview. Musically Malefices is combining his Canadian roots to Scandinavian and French legacy of black metal and including lots of atmosphere in the mix. Two demos out, Malefices has proved that it's the band you should keep your eye on. Read the first words of these cruel rites from this very fist interview.

Is it possible to praise Reveal even more? One of the best "original traditional" death metal bands, Reveal made its way to my personal top five of 2012. Well, the band itself says that Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth is a black metal and hard rock album, so I just advice to buy this album, be it death metal, black metal or something else. This interview was published in Terrorizer originally (not by me) but I decided to give it a new life in Kaleidoscope. Reveal deserves it.

"We have very versatile musical backgrounds, but one common denominator is the love for music that is either filthy or obscure (or both!), be it Beherit, Unholy, Autopsy, Winter or something not at all in the metal field such as German Oak, Present or Heldon", says VV in the interview made for Metal Ireland. So like Reveal, also Uncreationist is hard to categorize - "blackened doom death", they call their creations. This Finnish trio has only one demo out but there was so much to swallow - music, lyrics about ouroboroses and the end of the world, the general bleak-as-hell atmosphere - so there weren't any difficulties to make a lengthy interview with the band.

I guess this interview has become more current now when the news about The Devil's Blood's retirement has reached everyone. The seriousness and honesty of this 'retro occult rock' wave have always been unstable in the eyes of critics but in my opinion it's just a genre among other genres - some bands rule, some bands don't. Year Of The Goat rules, and although their debut album Angels' Necropolis didn't fulfill all my expectations, it is still a solid rock album, with occult or without it. I had a nice chat with the guitarist Per Brodesson.