Kalevala - Vedma (Digibook CD)

Kalevala - Vedma (Digibook CD)

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The third album by Russian folk metal masters KALEVALA! Exclusive digibook format, includes bonus video.

KALEVALA formed in 2007 with Andriyan (guitars) and Kseniya (vocals), both also in NEVID. They were joined by Aleksandr (accordion), Shmel' of RAROG (bass), and Vasiliy on drums. Influence comes explicitly from Finnish folk bands like KORPIKLAANI, with the harder sound of other recent Russian folk/pagan metal bands.

Ладушка, Ладушка мой...
Ладушка, Ладушка мой!
Разгулялся за окнами в сумерках дым -
Расстилаясь к ногам моим!


Track listing

  1. Vedma (Witch)
  2. Tausen-Rada (Tausenev-Rada)
  3. Vorotis Domoi (Returned Home)
  4. Bol'she Nechego Teriat! (Nothing More to Lose)
  5. Svarozh'ia Noch (Svarog Night)
  6. Tanets Dikogo Vetra (Dance of the Wild Wind)
  7. Voda-Reka (Water-river)
  8. Tak Pela Osen (So Sang Fall)
  9. Ladushka
  10. Uletai na Kryl'iakh Vetra (Fly on the Wings of the Wind)
  11. Dolgoi Dorogoi (Long Road)


Listening to a Kalevala album is like embarking on a perilous adventure, marked by equal doses of triumph and tragedy - even more so than popular genre favorites like Korpiklaani, FinnTroll, and Ensiferum. Every track is a frenetic folk fable, sometimes accentuated by eloquent fantasy and at others by blistering, metallic fury. - 4/5