Kaoteon - Veni Vidi Vomui (CD)

Kaoteon - Veni Vidi Vomui (CD)

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Forged in the Middle East where terror and war never rest; the Lebanese extreme black / death metal band KAOTEON brings forth their first full length record to blast your ears and damage your minds. This kaotik opus is titled Veni Vivi Vomui, which translates to I came, I saw, I vomited.


Track listing

  1. Veni Vidi Vomui
  2. Jihannam Wa Bi2sal Massir
  3. Wartimes
  4. Hateforged Retaliation
  5. Provenance of Hatred
  6. Anthem of the Dead
  7. One by One (Dogs Heed the Call)
  8. Decrepitude
  9. Wrenched
  10. Love Died (In Your Cunt)
  11. To Purge One's Self