Karpathia - Urheimat: Volanie Havranov (CD)

Karpathia - Urheimat: Volanie Havranov (CD)

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Fast paced Black Metal from Slovakia that perpetuates the primordial spirit of the ancestral homeland. The debut full length invokes the ethos of traditionalism and the essence of nature that ultimately forms the majestic atmosphere which pervades each composition.


Track listing

  1. Prastará krv
  2. Zabudnuté hodnoty
  3. Stronghold of Wotan's Wolves
  4. S posledným lúcom slnka
  5. V plameni zatmenej pravdy
  6. Karpatská hmla
  7. Briezdenie nad striebornou zemou
  8. Zánikom k novému pociatku
  9. Volanie havranov
  10. Stronghold of Night Wolves