Karst - Cleaning a Cave (CD-R)

Karst - Cleaning a Cave (CD-R)

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KARST's debut album! Pro-printed CD-r and booklet.

Included in the case are original fragments of karst rock from the Bukk mountains in northern Hungary.

You'll have one last tranquil sleep
So rest your wounded crust
Cause we weren't the first
Same tomorrow without a hush


Track listing

  1. Kettos
  2. Oltalmazo
  3. Beteg
  4. Megbomlott
  5. Halando
  6. Kozos
  7. Etlen
  8. Sovar
  9. Bead a part
  10. Jovo


I definitely recommend people checking this out if they like more experimental black metal. - 4/5