Katharos XIII - Negativity (CD)

Katharos XIII - Negativity (CD)

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Second full-length album from Timisoara, Romania based DSBM band KATHAROS XIII.
The sound of KATHAROS XIII emerged from the dark chambers of human psyche, questions and deep melancholy into black chords, a truly unique combination of different layers and influences, personal experiences (all kinds of abuse, paranoia, severe depressions), strange stories, movies (Greenaway, Lynch), books (Eliade, Cioran, Zola) and of course no one can deny the musical field that is overwhelming and complex now days, but one thing is sure the members involved are more preoccupied to express themselves then being a part of the todays musical scene.


Track listing

  1. XIII
  2. Negativity
  3. No One Left to Lead the Way
  4. The Chains are so Beautiful
  5. World's Coffin
  6. I Die Everytime I Walk This Path
  7. Inside


Katharos XII are clearly band with an inate sense of feeling and pacing; an instinct for when to pull back, and when to charge in. The occasional guitar hero solos add another layer to a palette that is anything but monochrome. The band's dark passion is a breath of fresh air. Spectacular. - 5/5