Kawir - Ophiolatreia (Digipak CD) Kawir - Ophiolatreia (Digipak CD)

Kawir - Ophiolatreia (Digipak CD)

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It has been a few years since their last album, and around eleven years since their two great works To Cavirs and Epoptia. Kawir return with their latest recording from September 2007! Nine tracks of Hellenic pagan metal.

This digipack (or digisleeve) is gatefold with an 11 page booklet attached to the sleeve.


Track listing

  1. Moirae
  2. Rhea (Meter Theon)
  3. Poseidon
  4. Nemesis
  5. Ares (The God of War)
  6. To Pallas
  7. Hephaistos
  8. Ophiolatreia
  9. Aeizoon Pyr