Kerker - A Dime for the Bleak Faces (Digipak CD)

Kerker - A Dime for the Bleak Faces (Digipak CD)

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Eight years after their original demos, KERKER returns with their full-length album! Formed by members of TODESKULT and TRAUER.


Track listing

  1. Dethronement of Old Kings
  2. A Dime for the Bleak Faces
  3. Sighisoara Winter
  4. Prague
  5. Douleur oblige
  6. Nocturnal Empire
  7. His Fairway Left Decay


For one very mysterious band we have a very mysteriously pleasing debut album that is definitely worthy of a second listen. If you like your black metal stripped down to the most minimal when it comes to scene status, these guys are for you. - 4/5