Khors - Wisdom of Centuries (Мудрість століть) (CD)

Khors - Wisdom of Centuries (Мудрість століть) (CD)

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The latest album of epic black / pagan metal from Ukraine! Members have been involved with many underground bands including HATE FOREST, ASTROFAES, YGG, BALFOR.


Track listing

  1. Крізь хмари минулого (Through the Clouds of the Past)
  2. Палаючі очі чорного лісу (Black Forest's Flaming Eyes)
  3. Останнє листя (The Last Leaves)
  4. Де велич гір обіймає простір (Where the Grandeur of Mountains Embraces the Space)
  5. Горизонтів гладінь (Horizons Glassy)
  6. Мудрість століть (Wisdom of Centuries)
  7. Лише час забере (Only Time Will Take It Away)
  8. Сутінки (Twilight)


...Khors' unpredictable songwriting is more than adventurous enough to set them apart from the many other so-called avant-garde acts that are in fact still beholden to black metal underneath it all. Here's hoping that, through Wisdom of Centuries, they will finally get due credit for their efforts. - 4/5