Kill - Burning Blood (CD) Kill - Burning Blood (CD)

Kill - Burning Blood (CD)

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Swedish black metal! A return to their most pestilent and raw sound.
When Satan calls there is no return!


Track listing

  1. Veni Satana
  2. Burning Blood
  3. Nails Of Cursed Steel
  4. Beckoning Grave
  5. Kill
  6. Desecration Temple
  7. Holocaust Fires
  8. Poison Chalice


The songs sound disgustingly catchy and drenched in evil atmosphere. Highlights would be the aforementioned opener Veni Satana, Nails of Cursed Steel, the doomy Beckoning Grave and the 11 minute closer Poison Chalice. This is so far the best new black metal release I've heard so far in 2012. I've nothing to complain about; this is simply killer black metal, the way it should be played. - 5/5