King's Evil - Deletion of Humanoise (CD)

King's Evil - Deletion of Humanoise (CD)

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Japanese thrash metal.


Track listing

  1. Victim and Hate
  2. Detonation
  3. Web of Lies
  4. Fanatical Devotion
  5. False Pride
  6. Punish with Death
  7. Core Dead
  8. Scream


This is basically an extension of Ritual Carnage. If you like one, you will like the other. But unlike Danny Carnage's more recent vocal shift, Wataru keeps it lethal and venomous throughout all of Deletion. There are a few tracks which seem to follow the same pace, and it does make the former half of the album slightly repetitious. I also didn't care so much for "Core Dead" after the opening rhythm. The sound is explosive without any excess production, and the musicianship dead on. As a pundit for almost all things Japanese, and your metal attorney, I advise that you seek this out and secure a neck brace. - 4/5