Kira - Kira (Digipak CD) Kira - Kira (Digipak CD)

Kira - Kira (Digipak CD)

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A new bass-led minimalist album by Kira Roessler: BLACK FLAG bassist during their most creative period (Family Man, Slip it In, Loose Nut, In My Head) and one half of DOS with Mike Watt (MINUTEMEN, FIREHOSE).


Track listing

  1. Silently
  2. Avoiding
  3. Trance
  4. Worse Than Rude
  5. Unsolicited Advice
  6. Let It Go
  7. The Ghosts
  8. It Can't Be
  9. What's Left
  10. In The Quiet


Kira (Black Flag/dos) is an exercise in quiet restraint with metal constructs being deconstructed with angular basslines, while her fragile but solid vocals vacillate between the ethereal and the authoritative. - 4/5