Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - Turn Hegel on His Head (EP)

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - Turn Hegel on His Head (EP)

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The young wizard of dark, apocalyptic folk (Belgium's Stef Irritant) unfurls his first vinyl release, a 7" using Hegel's dialectic's as the conceptual foundation. The A-side builds with a slow, brooding repetition of chants and swirling acoustics before exploding into a battle cry filled with personal emotion and lyrical venom aimed at those in power who suppress the desire for human progress. The B-side is a delicate, somber requiem to our lost potential. Easily, some of the strongest material yet from KTAOABC. Complimented by the artwork of Kristof Meers from his series, "the Inversion Of Hierarchy" and pressed on white vinyl.


Track listing

  1. Turning Hegel on His Head
  2. Turned Hegel on His Head


The combination of folk, rock, punk and a full-fledged irreverence towards any pre-estalished style or structure is the strongest bet of 'Turning Hegel on his Head'. It traps you in its naiveté and then tears you down into crude emotion. - 5/5