Koldborn - First Enslavement (2021 Reissue) (Blue Marble Edition) (LP)

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Denmark, 2002. The world was suffering a heavy hangover of CARCASS Heartwork grooves and One Kill Wonder, by THE HAUNTED, was still in the works. Nobody - even the few ones that were lucky enough to grab one of the copies of their Blessed By Beyond demo a few years earlier - was expecting the kind of evolution Kolborn presented in their debut album First Enslavement. Equal parts brutality and groove, wrapped up in all-rounded technical flawless approach by the band and a clinical production by Jacob Bredahl (EXMORTEM, KORODED, HATESPHERE, LENG T'CHE). Firing all-cylinders, the band, led by guitarist Henrik Heinz Jacobsen (also of HATESPHERE) entered the scene by storm, with the album being received overwhelmed reviews for its musical diversity and brutal groove with a Scandinavian touch of melody.


Track listing

  1. Of Sins Sublime
  2. Wicked Arise Divine
  3. Blessed By Beyond
  4. In Breathless Sighs
  5. All Bowing Heads Roll
  6. Vague Cries (Of Unborn Lives)
  7. Demonide
  8. Sunbroken
  9. Altar of Your Fate
  10. The Embrace of Thanatos