Korihor - Bastardo (CD)

Korihor - Bastardo (CD)

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From the infamous Davao City, KORIHOR! Alkoholik black thrashing madness, raw and unproduced 35 minute album from the blasphemous cult! In the vein of other Eastern hordes (SURRENDER OF DIVINITY etc) with rehearsal quality sound and approach--which makes it so great!! A live quality, buzzing guitars no triggers or polished production. Final four tracks are live from a 2005 gig, not great sound but the violence bleeds through!


Track listing

  1. Satanik Hellbangers
  2. Blasphemikaholik Terrorist
  3. Uproar of the Bastardos
  4. Pledge of Liar
  5. Trident Sermon (Live)
  6. Three False Prophets (Live)
  7. Uproar of the Bastardos (Live)
  8. Satanik Hellbangers (Live)