Krigskontrast / Skiplickers - Split (EP)

Krigskontrast / Skiplickers - Split (EP)

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KRIGSKONTRAST is a crust / punk / mangel band from Gefle 02666, Sweden. In the year of 2006 KRIGSKONTRAST rose from the ashes to become a warmachine to fuck up the society. KRIGSKONTRAST from Gavle deliver kang a la 1980. Think MOB 47, think MODERAT LIKVIDATION. Furious, fierce, brutal! Like a fistfight on the whole harsh and bleak society.

SKIPLICKERS is pure crust / d-beat from the UK. Think a faster MOB 47, or a more brutal ANTI CIMEX.


Track listing

  1. Krigskontrast - The Contrast of War
  2. Krigskontrast - Dom rika
  3. Krigskontrast - Filthy Rich Bastards
  4. Krigskontrast - Frihetsberovad
  5. Skiplickers - Intrusive Violation
  6. Skiplickers - Reality
  7. Skiplickers - No Right