KUKL - The Eye (CD) KUKL - The Eye (CD)

KUKL - The Eye (CD)

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The Eye, was the debut album of the Icelandic post-punk group KUKL. This album was released in September 1984, through Crass Records and was recorded at Southern Studios in January 1984. The album peaked at number 6 in the UK Independent albums chart. Though under half an hour in length, the music ranges widely - from the wild, grotesque and deconstructionist punk rock of "Assassin" and "Seagull" to the almost danceable rhythm and church-like bells of "Dismembered" and several moments of exotic, oriental-styled music which is perhaps due to the influence of band-member Bjork's supposed infatuation with the country of Japan at this stage in her life. The album was named after Bjork's favourite book, Story of the Eye, by Georges Bataille (1928), a very intense story about a young French couple involved in sexual perversions and violent behaviours.


Track listing

  1. Assassin
  2. Anna
  3. Open The Window And Let The Spirit Fly Free
  4. Moonbath
  5. Dismembered
  6. Seagull (Fuglar)
  7. The Spire
  8. Handa Tjolla


...drags the listener into a glacial world of confused emotion and shattered visions...An amazing record... - 5/5