Kurbonsho - Vahan Songs (CD)

Kurbonsho - Vahan Songs (CD)

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Primordial Aryan Folklore. This is an absolutely unique ethnographic record made by Andrey Bulin (VISHUDHA KALI) during his expedition to Pamir in 2004. It was an expedition to discover the Pamir Higlands' music tradition. Natives consider Kurbonsho as a prime singer and poet. He lives in a hard-to-reach village in wild Vahan (Wakhan Corridor - a narrow area between Tajikistan and Afghanistan). There is no electricity and no roads. Villagers say he will not sing for outsiders, and yet this record was made.
The Vahan region is still closed for Europeans de facto until this day. This is the first audio CD with Vahan music that has ever been released. Kurbonsho sings in the Vahan language which is considered, along with its contemporary, Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages.
Musically this album is melodious, ariose and close to Russian folklore.


Track listing

  1. Untitled Song
  2. Untitled Song
  3. Untitled Song
  4. Untitled Song
  5. Untitled Song
  6. Untitled Song
  7. Untitled Song
  8. Untitled Song
  9. Untitled Song
  10. Untitled Song
  11. Untitled Song
  12. Untitled Song
  13. Untitled Song
  14. Untitled Song
  15. Untitled Song
  16. Untitled Song