Lair - Black Moldy Brew (CD)

Lair - Black Moldy Brew (CD)

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Killer debut release from a new Ukrainian horde! Raw punk-y black metal with wild howling vocals!! For an easy and incomplete comparison, something like ILDJARN with studio production and TODESSTOSS' mad vocals..! But there is a lot more here, a great album of buzzsaw black metal drenched in themes of old Ukrainian folklore. Recommended!



The vocal tone of Hidden From Light is absolutely insane, piercing the air with seemingly chaotic yet mesmerizing howls. There are no actual lyrics at all, but all tracks have titles, and their concept is lurking around the devilish mythology, enriched by spooky images in a very minimal but stylish booklet design. Along the simple catchy riffs and focused rhythm it builds up a certain eerie feeling, but distinct harmonies still find their way to this rough music, letting it stick to mind longer than first expected. - 5/5