Lair - Icons of the Impure (Digipak CD)

Lair - Icons of the Impure (Digipak CD)

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Second longplay by enigmatic duo that represents authentic, raw, primordial and mesmerizing black metal, preserved in classic tradition of the genre, once gloriously refined by the likes of ILDJARN, ARCKANUM, SORT VOKTER, and HATE FOREST - music gets even deeper with the stories collected at the spookiest, devilish places you would not want to step in.


Track listing

  1. Death at the Dawn
  2. Black Maelstrom
  3. An Oldwoman and Her Rats
  4. Bittern's Lullaby
  5. Distress
  6. Bog
  7. Witches' Brooms
  8. Drizzle
  9. Ice-Hole
  10. Ignis Fatuus
  11. Coffin