Lake of Blood - As Time and Tide Erodes Stone (CD)

Lake of Blood - As Time and Tide Erodes Stone (CD)

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In the summer of 2007, five individuals collected in southern Los Angeles, California with the intention of creating raw, aggressive black metal. This collaboration of minds, now known as LAKE OF BLOOD, consummated its existence with few, select live performances before entering the studio in January 2008 to begin the first recording.

The recording of the impending full length release, As Time and Tide Erodes Stone, transpired in arduously long sessions, in the pouring rain of January. Following the recording, internal tensions in the group increased, leading to the departure of two members. Determined not to allow the death of the group and to avoid any halt in productivity, the void within the body of the band was not only filled but over flowing. A metamorphosis of great advancement occurred. The reformation gave birth to a stronger, far more homogeneous organism.


Track listing

  1. Proxigean Arcanum
  2. Destroyer of Vices


Cascadian black metal is a genre full of atmosphere, full of passion for nature and the preservation of the world we live in. Full of aggression. And Lake Of Blood have taken all that, and completely made it their own. - 5/5