Lifelover - Pulver (2023 Reissue) (CD)

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The recording of Pulver began in April, 2006, LR and 1853 where recruited to the band. The album was finished in May 2006. After about two months Pulver was released on CD. The response to the album, both in a positive and negative way was pretty massive and nothing that LIFELOVER had ever expected.


Track listing

  1. Nackskott
  2. M/S Salmonella
  3. Mitt öppna öga
  4. Kärlek - Becksvart melankoli
  5. Vardagsnytt
  6. Avbrott sex
  7. Stockholm
  8. Söndag
  9. Herrens hand
  10. Medicinmannen
  11. Nästa gryning
  12. En sång om dig