Limbonic Art - Epitome of Illusions (2010 Reissue) (CD)

Limbonic Art - Epitome of Illusions (2010 Reissue) (CD)

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Third album, from 1998. Re-recordings of demo-era (1995-96) songs.

"We know that it is a fucking cliche when a band, after releasing a couple of albums, they release their demos. We still did in the interest to show our audience, what has contributed to our destiny with nocturnal art, and maybe the point we are standing today. We serve you a slight piece of history before the debut album "Moon in the Scorpio", the very limited rehearsals. Due to extremely bad quality on the original mastertapes, we decided to recreate the production, with a little touch of new inspiration and spirit. It may amuse some and bring frustration to others, but our final message to our audience is this: Take this for what it is... And enjoy the listening!"


Track listing

  1. Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares
  2. Eve of Midnight
  3. Path of Ice
  4. Sources to Agonies
  5. Solace of the Shadows
  6. The Black Heart's Nirvana
  7. Arctic Odyssey
  8. Beyond the Candles Burning Bonus
  9. Moon in the Scorpio Bonus
  10. In Mourning Mystique Bonus

Review far as demo re-releases go, this is the best I can recall hearing. - 4/5