Limbonic Art - Phantasmagoria (CD)

Limbonic Art - Phantasmagoria (CD)

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Latest album, from 2010.


Track listing

  1. Prologue / Phantasmagoria
  2. Crypt of Bereavement
  3. Curse of the Necromancer
  4. Portal to the Unknown
  5. Dark Winds
  6. A World in Pandemonium
  7. Flight of the Mind's Eye
  8. Apocalyptic Manifestation
  9. Prophetic Dreams
  10. The Burning Vortex
  11. A Black Sphere of Serenity
  12. Astral Projection


This album features 12 tracks, clocking in at just over an hour, and presents a mix of old school and new era black metal and symphonic black metal along with elements of funeral doom. Though much thought was obviously put into the track listing, it's also notable that the disc's final three tracks are also its longest, with the final two passing the eight minute mark, but the high production value gives it a certain durability that the old school necro approach would have decimated. By the time the album's finale, Astral Projection, puts the final black leather boot down on this furious storm with its sweeping, militant and obsessively tempestuous nature, its clear that a battle has just been endured. - 4/5