Live Burial - Forced Back to Life (CD)

Live Burial - Forced Back to Life (CD)

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LIVE BURIAL recreate the macabre atmosphere and emotions that can only be found in memories of the late 80s/early 90's. Riffs come out in masses, drums punch down like a sledgehammer, and vocals bellow out so haunting they summon the dead to terrorise the living! LIVE BURIAL have the potential to attract the whole scene. Only this way should Death Metal sound! Recorded at First Avenue Studios (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) by Dave "The Mixing Desk Slave" Curle (SATAN, BLITZKRIEG, etc.). Mixing and mastering by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studios (CRUCIAMENTUM).


Track listing

  1. Screams from the Morgue
  2. Forced Back to Life
  3. Age of Oblivion
  4. Sleep Paralysis
  5. Beyond Death
  6. Mocata's Revenge
  7. Hung Above the Meat Grinder
  8. Enter the Chapel of Splatter