Lobotomized - Norwegian Trash (LP)

Lobotomized - Norwegian Trash (LP)

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LOBOTOMIZED's debut album Norwegian Trash is an aggressive mishmash of putrid metal and dirty punk appropriately classified as trash metal by the band themselves. Drawing inspiration from such diverse and deadly institutions as ABSCESS, ANAL BABES, GG ALLIN, DOOMED, DISSIMILIS and NORWEGIAN DANSEBAND et cetera, a highly potent mix reeking of putrefaction is brewed. Ironically this somewhat demented approach to the music offers the metal scene something authentic, savvy and fresh in all its primitive, counterfeit oldness. The album features contributions from Eric Cutler (AUTOPSY), Arne Willy Foss (OLE IVARS), Rune Rudberg, Stian Carstensen (FARMERS MARKET), Petter Baarlie (BACKSTREET GIRLS) and Dopi (MACHETAZO) amongst many other raunchy hoboes. LOBOTOMIZED is not approved by anyone!


Track listing

  1. Hedmark Uber Alles
  2. Kings of Danseband
  3. Bingo in Hell
  4. Possessed by Hembrent
  5. Crash Course in Camping
  6. Occult Pultost
  7. Tractor of Death
  8. I Put a Trekkspell on You
  9. Black Shining Leather Couch
  10. Hobosexual
  11. Resurrection of Ivars Kro
  12. Wish You Were Beer
  13. Norwegian Trash
  14. Apocalyptic Skinnvest