Locrian - Drenched Lands (Digipak CD)

Locrian - Drenched Lands (Digipak CD)

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Since their inception in late 2005, Locrian have been honing their sound; working and re-working material; finding the right blend of noise, power electronics, dark ambient, and black metal to work into their sound. Drenched Lands is Locrian's first full-length studio recording of all new material, and unfolds with an almost narrative structure. It starts with a slow descent into a dark abyss, moving torturedly, gradually rediscovering the light, then leaving you where everything began - completely transformed. The hour-long disc is rounded out by an extended bonus track previously unavailable in any digital format. The black-on-black disc packaged in an arigato pack with a 4-panel insert. Edition of 1000 copies.


Track listing

  1. Obsolete Elegy In Effluvia And Dross
  2. Ghost Repeater
  3. Barren Temple Obscured By Contaminated Fogs
  4. Epicedium
  5. Obsolete Elegy In Cast Concrete
  6. Greyfield Shrines