Loki's Folly - Sisu (LP)

Loki's Folly - Sisu (LP)

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The debut album by LOKI'S FOLLY. Noise rock with punk influences spanning the 70s-90s (Joan Jett, BRATMOBILE & Riot Grrl, SONIC YOUTH, BABES IN TOYLAND, even THE SLITS on the last song serve as pointers, and local inspiration from REPLACEMENTS etc). In March 2020 they were invited to open for SHELLAC for their US tour on the strength of their first singles and a handful of local shows.

Two young sisters and a brother from South Minneapolis who like to play loud music that makes them happy. For a three-piece outfit they make a very big sound that is all their own. When Loki's Folly play, they bring you into their world. It is a universe where influences like Sleater Kinney meet the tradition of Swedish Kulning in the best possible way.
Annie (age 20) plays guitar and sings. Nissa (age 15) plays the drum set and sings. Oskar (age 10) plays the bass. Each brings their unique personality to the music, and their sound is gelled by the blend of their sibling voices singing together. The band initially formed out of the girls taking lessons separately at Twin Town Guitars. They began having their lessons together and after a handful of sessions Loki's Folly was born.


Track listing

  1. The Love Song
  2. Castle on the Moon
  3. Truth or Dare
  4. Appease the Girl
  5. Little Mermaid
  6. Poison Heart
  7. Don't Come Back
  8. Hiding in Plain Sight
  9. Into the Darkness
  10. Trickster
  11. No Right
  12. Beaches and Peaches