Lordamor - Lordamor (CD)

Lordamor - Lordamor (CD)

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Deadly black doom from Finland! This is the recently released self-titled debut album. Over an hour of bleak music, seven tracks-most approaching or surpassing ten minutes.
BFR (BLOOD RED FOG) vocals, guitar. Desolate (UTGARD, CHARNEL WINDS) bass. Det (TELOCH) guitar. Profundiis (UTGARD, CHARNEL WINDS) drums.

Foundations for LORDAMOR were laid in the early days of 2006 when first songs were crafted during one night of great inspiration. From the beginning the goal was to create primitive, slow and oppressing music with small partitions of calmer and more melodic passages to enchant the effect of otherwise crude athmosphere.
LORDAMOR should not be seen only as a mere musical project reflecting the personnel's own ideas or opinions about temporal world. LORDAMOR is a vibration of the age of rust, drawing its inspiration from man's dark shadow-nature, decay and death. The black demiurge has taken its grip from the soul of man, and there's no way to overcome it.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Grounds of Pain
  3. He eivät eläneet kauaa
  4. Region of Death
  5. Congregation of Self-mutilators
  6. Nothing Remains
  7. Drawn to Death