Lubbert Das - Deluge (CD)

Lubbert Das - Deluge (CD)

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LUBBERT DAS hail from the town where Hieronymous Bosch was educated (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), but that isn't the only connection they have with him. The music those guys create is directly linked to his art, and it even sounds as if the songs were written at the same time Bosch was working on his paintings. The guitars freeze with their sound, the drums pound like the hooves of the outbursting demons of hell and the vocals call upon us from inferno, telling us about the end of the world. Hell is coming and there is nothing we can do about it.

LUBBERT DAS is no Black Metal - LUBBERT DAS is music to make you understand! Melodies from the depths of a lost soul, screams of the damned in the purgatory, songs straight out of the nightmares of a man, who saw Armageddon.

The three Dutchmen create cold music that once again summons the never gone fear of the unspeakably old evil! Atmospheric Black Metal from the Netherlands! The demo Deluge is now available in limited digipak edition.


Track listing

  1. Stone, God's Blood
  2. Forlorn Ages