Lucifera - La caceria de brujas (CD)

Lucifera - La caceria de brujas (CD)

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A work of blistering, anciently evil might, La Caceria De Brujas is the album which will truly launch LUCIFERA onto the worldwide stage and become a defining monument of Colombian metal. LUCIFERA formed in March 2008 as a duo of David HellRazor (guitar & composition) and Alejandra Blasfemia (vocals & bass). At that time, their music focused on much more conventional thrash metal, but over time, both music and lyrics became more obscure and conceptual. And up through the present, that dynamism between the two founding members has been maintained.


Track listing

  1. Arde en llamas
  2. Sigillum Diaboli
  3. Sortilegio
  4. Ceremonia secular
  5. Pacto pagano
  6. Conjuro
  7. Brujería
  8. Evocación del caos