Luciferian / Storm of Darkness - From Underground to the Black Mass (CD)

Luciferian / Storm of Darkness - From Underground to the Black Mass (CD)

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Occult and Satanic black metal split from Colombia.


Track listing

  1. Luciferian - I Am Perverse
  2. Storm of Darkness - Animal Nature
  3. Storm of Darkness - Storm of Darkness
  4. Storm of Darkness - Blasphemous Attack
  5. Storm of Darkness - God & Satan: Creations of the Greed Excess
  6. Luciferian - Intro...
  7. Luciferian - Supreme Infernal Legions
  8. Luciferian - Dark
  9. Luciferian - Send Me the Lust
  10. Luciferian - War Against the Light


You know that you're going to be served with something derivative here, and there are some agonizing sound gremlins in places, but there are also moments which are genuinely cool and revivifying. It's also a release that feels 'authentic'; if stories I've heard about Colombian black metallers are true, this was probably a labour of love, a very honest endeavour into which the bands have poured their diabolical, withered hearts. You can tell that's the case when, while listening, you realise how much of a riot a live show by these terrorisers of the ears would be. To my mind, it's awesome that this release exists for fans and enthusiasts, and I send all strength and support to these projects for the future. - 3/5