M.O.T.O. - No Sleep Til Turku (CD)

M.O.T.O. - No Sleep Til Turku (CD)

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New Orleans based garage punk / power pop legends M.O.T.O. are back with their tenth full length album. The songs on this album were recorded earlier this year when the primus motor of the band, Paul Caporino, spent some time in Finland. The album was later mixed and mastered by Garret Hammond (KILL MOTO, RAW POWER, etc), in Downers Grove, USA. This time Paul Caporino brings you wore down catchy up-tempo tunes with a lo-fi, under produced sound guaranteed to rock your socks off!


Track listing

  1. I've Never Had a Glass Lie to Me
  2. Double Pneumonia
  3. Tell Me All About the World
  4. Guitars Are Like Clothes
  5. But When the Night Comes
  6. I Wanna Know Everything You Know
  7. Don't Be in No Rush ('Cuz There's No Hurry)
  8. I Don't Have a Life
  9. 4KV
  10. What'll Happen When the Noise Goes Off?
  11. Who's With Me?
  12. Upramp of Your Love
  13. I Know You Gotta Do the Things You Gotta Do but Why You Gotta Do 'Em to Me?
  14. Living on a Battleship
  15. Hard on Rock'N'Roll
  16. Looking Hard for Something Soft
  17. Waw
  18. Big Emotional Life