Mach II - Mach II (CD)

Mach II - Mach II (CD)

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Retro US hard rock / heavy metal. Lots of UK hard rock / NWOBHM, THIN LIZZY etc. influence!
Includes three exclusive bonus tracks not included on the vinyl recorded live at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland (Spring 2009, first live gig).

Includes members of MIDNIGHT (US speed metal) and BOULDER.


Track listing

  1. Young Beast
  2. Whiskey Lady Love
  3. Lies You Tell
  4. Living for Tomorrow
  5. Stay Loud
  6. Midnight Teaser
  7. Song With No Name
  8. Demon Queen
  9. Living For Tomorrow (Live)
  10. Young Beast (Live)
  11. Stay Loud (Live)