Maggot Heart - Hunger (LP)

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MAGGOT HEART, crossover rock band based in Berlin, channels emotional alchemy through music. Consisting of guitarist and singer Linnéa Olsson, bassist Olivia Airey and drummer Uno Bruniusson, MAGGOT HEART refuse to be categorized. Originally from Sweden, Olsson formed MAGGOT HEART as a solo project in 2016, after carving a name for herself in bands like THE OATH, BEASTMILK / GRAVE PLEASURES. From detonating their initial underground break-out City Girls EP, MAGGOT HEART had the underground by the throat, palpitating the grape-vine. With two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, the 2017 debut Dusk To Dusk to 2020's Mercy Machine, MAGGOT HEART are not here to coast, they're here to make waves. Musically compared to such diverse acts as Patti Smith, SONIC YOUTH, THE STOOGES, KILLING JOKE and VOIVOD, playing live with EARTHLESS in the US, HIGH ON FIRE and AMYL & THE SNIFFERS in the EU along with several invitations to tread the hallowed stages of Roadburn Festival, MAGGOT HEART have been foaming-at-the-mouth road dogs. Now on their third album Hunger, recorded in Berlin and mixed by the acclaimed American producer and engineer Ben Greenberg (METZ, PORTRAYAL OF GUILT), MAGGOT HEART's game is about to change. Hunger is the album where MAGGOT HEART's finesse of their own fervor finds them standing on their own feral hind legs. Existing on a diet of her own determination, Olsson knows well what hunger means for the survivor. Olsson isn't hungry, she embodies Hunger. The album cover, a vulnerable portrait of strength.


Track listing

  1. Scandinavian Hunger
  2. Nil By Mouth
  3. LBD
  4. Archer
  5. This Shadow
  6. Looking Back at You
  7. Concrete Soup
  8. Parasite