Maleficum Orgia - Maleficum Orgia (CD)

Maleficum Orgia - Maleficum Orgia (CD)

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MALEFICUM ORGIA formed in 1991, one of the early French black metal bands! They released a couple of demos in 92 and then fell silent for years. This CD is their first full-length album. Bestial black metal influenced by BLASPHEMY, PROFANATICA, BESTIAL SUMMONING and DARKTHRONE. Members have also been involved in EMPTYNESS, FUNERAL / BLESSED IN SIN. Artwork by Chris Moyen.


Track listing

  1. Unholy Orgistic Ritual to Convoke the Beast Up on This Fucking Earth / Massacre
  2. Darkness of Evil
  3. Brutal and Anal Orgy in Black Heaven with the Dark Blasphemous Goatmaster
  4. Sexual Slave for Satan
  5. Unholy Orgy
  6. Black Hate
  7. Inverted Crucifixion
  8. Paradoxal Blasphemy
  9. The Beast Invocation in a Burned Church for a Collective Suicide During a Black Mass
  10. Black Chapel
  11. Infernal Mass
  12. Unborn / Unleashing of Demonic Entities to Spread Chaos, Death and Pestilence
  13. Under a Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover) Bonus
  14. Untitled Bonus
  15. I Arose (Profanatica cover) Bonus