Manzer - Light of the Wreckers (CD) Manzer - Light of the Wreckers (CD)

Manzer - Light of the Wreckers (CD)

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First album by the "Pictavian bastards", for maniaks of the ancient black metal style, with doses of heavy metal and rock'n'roll! The album features 9 brand new tracks (8 songs and 1 instrumental). Influenced by VENOM, SABBAT, MOTORHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, NWOBHM, BATHORY, Jan do Fiao, ABIGAIL, Killers, ATOMIZER, CARNIVORE, NME, BULLDOZER, IMPALED NAZARENE... Manzer's lyrics are about Satan, alcohol, sex, Pictavia and blasphemy. One song has been written in Pictavian language (called Parlanjhe), as in each of their releases.


Track listing

  1. The Death Lantern
  2. Terroir Squad
  3. Hell's Most Wanted
  4. Underage Witch
  5. Light of the Wreckers
  6. Pictavia
  7. Le Bouffe-Churai
  8. Primeval Instincts
  9. Manzer


The only bands that come close are the ones on the Barbarian Wrath roster back in the day. Others are peddling in the Venom/Celtic Frost vein such as say Devastator or Mantak, others leaning towards either the Aura Noir or Desaster template, the tried and tested way. Manzer virtually has no parallels and that's a bit of a shame, because that makes them kind of unique and yet people are largely unaware. - 4/5