Marduk - Warschau (CD)

Marduk - Warschau (CD)

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15th Anniversary gig live in Warschau, 17 September 2005.


Track listing

  1. The Hangman of Prague
  2. Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets
  3. Slay the Nazarene
  4. Azrael
  5. Burn My Coffin
  6. Panzer Division Marduk
  7. Blutrache
  8. Bleached Bones
  9. The Black...
  10. Steel Inferno
  11. On Darkened Wings
  12. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
  13. Throne of Rats
  14. To the Death's Head True
  15. Sulphur Souls
  16. Warschau
  17. Wolves


A great album by any means, I mean it is MARDUK live, performing some of their best material with the new (better) singer. Can you go wrong? No you idiot, you can't. This is a win-win deal as not only this one of MARDUK's best live performances but it's also one of the best live Black Metal albums ever. Recommended to basically anyone... - 5/5