Marissa Nadler - The Sister (LP)

Marissa Nadler - The Sister (LP)

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The Sister is the latest release by Marissa Nadler, intended as a companion to her self-titled full-length from 2011.


Track listing

  1. The Wrecking Ball Company
  2. Love Again, There is a Fire
  3. Christine
  4. Apostle
  5. Constantine
  6. To a Road, Love
  7. In a Little Town
  8. Your Heart is a Twisted Vine


...Nadler's records of wispy melancholy have opened outwardly like arms, inviting the listener to stay for a permanent spell. Invariably hypnotic, Nadler's music has often felt like its own self-sustaining atmosphere - ready and able to be inhabited, suited for the repeat button, surreal in its dream-like propensity to remove the listener from the rest of the world. - 4/5