Martyrvore - Possessed by Mayhemic Slaughter (CD)

Martyrvore - Possessed by Mayhemic Slaughter (CD)

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Possessed by Mayhemic Slaughter collects all the demos by this US Satanic death outfit, formed by members of COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE! The demos are, in order: Satanic Attack (2005), War Attack Decimate (2005), Hellfuck (2002), Nuclear Carnage (2003), Mayhemic Nuclear Slayer (2003). Inspired by BLASPHEMY, REVENGE!


Track listing

  1. Tsunami
  2. Death Gods
  3. Nuclear War
  4. Witch of Death
  5. Hymns to Unholy Blasphemy
  6. Attack
  7. Nuclear War II
  8. Decaying Saviour (Dark Satanic Forces)
  9. Martyrvore
  10. Death Gods II
  11. The Earth Cracked in Half
  12. Nuclear War III
  13. Decaying Saviour II
  14. Martyrvore II
  15. Death Gods III
  16. The Earth Cracked in Half II
  17. Ea
  18. Witch of Death II
  19. Holocaust Terror
  20. Reaper
  21. Pentagram Gateway
  22. Nuclear Regurgitation