Masacre - Sacro (2005 Reissue) (CD)

Masacre - Sacro (2005 Reissue) (CD)

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Cult Colombian death metal!!! Re-released 1995 album! Essential second album from this great band, brutal South American feeling!!
New edition features four bonus tracks including live recording of Orgasmos Oscuros! Others I think are from the later album Muerte Verdadera Muerte (2001)
High quality full colour booklets and additional lyrics insert (all the lyrics translated into English).


Track listing

  1. Sacro
  2. Orgasmos oscuros (paraíso)
  3. Tierra de lamentos
  4. Confesiones
  5. Dolor sensato
  6. Más allá del dolor...
  7. Funeral amén
  8. Dios del horror
  9. Pecados no perdonados
  10. Ritos de muerte
  11. Moral esclava
  12. Éxodo Bonus
  13. País en sangre Bonus
  14. Espinas Bonus
  15. Orgasmos oscuros (live) Bonus